5 Interview Tips To Help Get Your Dream Job

Guest Post by The Creative Group

Hiring is on the upswing. But here is a hard truth that every creative professional knows: the competition for jobs remains intense. A recent survey reveals that advertising and marketing executives receive an average of 23 resumes for every creative job opening and interview roughly half a dozen applicants before filling the role. So you need every edge, including polished resume and knockout portfolio — and the ability to make an impression in the all-important interview.

Here are 5 tips that will increase the odds of landing your dream position:

1. Study Prospective Employers
Do your homework. Prepare by perusing your target companies’ websites, especially the About Us, Recent News and Portfolio of Work sections. See what the corporate culture is like, what “voice” they have, what accolades they’ve received, who their top clients are, and the look and feel of their recent projects. Use social media as well to see how they communicate.

2. Reach Out To Your Network
Go to your LinkedIn page and see if any of your connections are current or former employees. If so, invite that person out for lunch or coffee, and pick his or her brain for information that will be helpful during a job interview, such as what type of employee the organization is looking for.

3. Prepare For Any And All Interview Questions
You’re familiar with the standard interview questions. Then there are the tougher ones, such as hypotheticals. Be prepared to answer curveballs that test your creativity, your sense of humor and how quickly you think on your feet. Before the interview, do a dry run with a friend or family member.

4. Exude Confidence and Professionalism
Body language speaks volumes, so watch your subtle and not-so-subtle nonverbal communication. Arrive on time or even early, dress appropriately for the company, and exude a calm and friendly demeanor. One of the most important ways to show confidence is to ask for the job. Convey your excitement about the opportunity!

5. Don’t Forget To Follow Up
What happens after the interview can make a difference as to whether or not you get an offer. Within 24 to 48 hours of the meeting, request to connect via LinkedIn if you haven’t already. Also follow up with an email and send a handwritten note. That way, over the course of a week, the hiring manager will be reminded of your interest several times.

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