A Message From Veritiv® – Happy Birthday Endurance®

Ten years of curiosity, adventure and creativity. Where will we go next? Escape on Endurance®.

Escape to a place where things that should be, are not. And things that couldn’t be, are. Where real and unreal are one in the same. Where curiosity leads to creativity. Let yourself go. Endurance, a bright white coated sheet from Veritiv®, is waiting.

For ten years, Endurance has been a leading coated printing paper brand delivering the quality and reliability that designers and printers demand, at a very competitive price. Endurance has the exceptional brightness level required to help give your creative that extra pop. Available in matching text and cover, and in both gloss and silk finishes. For those most concerned with sustainability, you’ll be interested to know that Endurance papers are Chain of Custody certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The performance extends to Endurance Digital; a production match to the folio sheet which delivers consistent performance you can count on. The result is crisp, sharp, crystal-like imagery, and the color accuracy that your project deserves.

Endurance is available nationally and delivered locally – available exclusively from Veritiv.


Helping shape your business success drives everything we do. Our name is based on this commitment and on the core strengths of our business. Derived from verity, it says we are true to our word, our beliefs and your needs. The words connective and active in our name signify that we collaborate with you to create solutions that work hard for your business.

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, you need an edge. You want to increase efficiency, productivity, predictability and sustainability while cutting costs. Our packaging, print, facility, publishing, and logistics solutions span the entire lifecycle of business operations so you can achieve these goals. And with our industry-leading expertise, proprietary tools and creative ideas, you’ll get the help you need to stay ahead.

For more information visit the Endurance website at veritivcorp.com/endurance