Free Webinar From Monotype Offers Path To Perfect Font

With so many beautiful fonts in the world, how do you choose the right one? What do you think about? How do you get to that final selection? These are among the most difficult and important questions for graphic designers when pursuing a design solution for a client. Indeed, GDUSA readers tell us, year after year, that choosing the right typeface is among their biggest challenges and, when successful, among their most effective tools.

That’s why I am pleased to share with you that Monotype is presenting a free webinar on September 8 which will address this very topic. Entitled “Choosing Your Path To The Perfect Font”, this presentation will be led by Jamie Neely, Director of Product Design. Neely will guide attendees “on a journey of font discovery — from the type choice crimes of his early projects, through his personal process today, and the methods he’s seen designers execute during his years of user testing. He’ll share three strategies for finding fonts, why classifications are less useful than we think, and how self-awareness can lead to better font choices.”

jamie1 Jamie is a former creative director at the web design studio Front. He now spends his days at Monotype designing products that make it easier for designers to work with type — removing the frustrations and obstacles, and making typography fun. If you have used Monotype’s Typecast tool to prototype web pages in the browser or integrated their Web Font Platform into your design authoring tool, you’ve seen his work.

Choosing Your Path To The Perfect Font follows closely upon two very well-attended Monotype-sponsored webinars earlier this year addressing, respectively, Pro Tips for Picking Web Fonts and Color is Relative: Designing For Accessibility.  Needless to say, the company is a leading global provider of typefaces, technology and expertise for the branding, design and creative communities; this webinar series continues to burnish the reputation.

I have found Monotype’s previous 2015 webinars educational, inspiring, informative, fun. Not surprisingly, I have already registered for the latest offering and I recommend it to all of you.