Health and Wellness Design in the Spotlight

We are always trying to identify and spotlight new areas of growth and opportunity for creative professionals, an especially vital endeavor in these pinched times. We believe we have fallen upon an absolute natural extension of our awards programs — a “no-brainer”  if you will — the American Health + Wellness Design Awards™.

The reason (almost) goes without saying:  health and wellness are the hottest topics in our society today, healthcare delivery is undergoing a revolution, and overall it is among the fastest-growing segments of the economy. This includes expected expansions in medical and drug spending, a boom in health related and senior care employment, and changing consumer behavior regarding wellness.


This new competition encompasses the big tent definition of healthcare: traditional medical industries such as doctors and nurses, hospitals and homecare, pharmaceuticals and insurance, as well as the newly energized segment of preventive care, plus non-traditional holistic approaches such as fitness and exercise, meditation and spiritual paths, and natural and organic foods and lifestyles.

We are partnering with Erickson Stock because they are a premier source for health and wellness imagery, indeed for all kinds of high-quality, emotional lifestyle stock photos and video footage that speak to contemporary lifestyles and make human connections.

All in all, the American Health + Wellness Design Awards™ is a timely chance to be recognized by clients, prospects and the community for advertising and design excellence in an area of ultimate importance, fundamental transformation, and robust growth.

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