Join The Creative Casbah To Be Part Of Print’s Renaissance

Guest Blogpost by Thaddeus B. Kubis, a long time practitioner and thought leader on all things print, marketing and design.

A print renaissance has begun, surpassing the technological innovations developed and introduced since 1990. Digital printing, personalization, sustainable packaging and printing, legacy printing techniques that have had a rebirth, all this and more plus tech tips, valued information, critical knowledge you will need, to capture, to become part of the oldest newest creative communication technology ever.

I would like to invite you to join my new group, The Creative Casbah, a LinkedIn group that addresses the growing need for the creative community to accept the renewal of print and printing based related media. Go to LinkedIn and search The Creative Casbah and request to join the group, I will be happy fulfill your request.

I look forward to have you joining my group.