Millennials Have Not Killed Print

Recent headlines suggest that millennials are to blame (or to credit) for the fall of countless industries and trends – from American cheese to homeownership to divorce – but according to new survey findings by Canon USA, this does not apply to print. In fact, the survey finds that 47% of Americans would feel “sad” in a world without print.

More specifically, the Canon Print for Action Survey, conducted by Ipsos, uncovers consumers’ perception and use of printed materials, as well as the importance of print in the minds of tomorrow’s business leaders. Statistics from the Canon Print for Action Survey reveal that the print medium has a favorable influence in many aspects of the lives of U.S. Millennials. From food and beverage purchasing decisions to study habits to relaxation techniques, print is a driving influence and one that seems here to stay.

Key survey insights and takeaways include:

Millennials See Future Value Of Print. Millennials were the most likely to say that books will continue to be important in 2030 – 79% compared to 76% of Americans overall — and also see future value in printed newspapers (48%) and printed magazines (46%).


Printed Greeting Cards Still Reign Supreme. Eighty-two percent of Americans prefer buying a printed greeting card over a digital one, and 63% have given a printed card to friends and loved ones, compared to just 24% who have sent an e-card. Print wins out for younger Americans as well; more than half (51%) of millennials say they have given someone a printed card for a special occasion versus just 18% who have sent an e-card.

Millennials Still Turn To Print To Plan Their Days. In the twelve months prior to the survey, 43% of Millennials used physical calendars and 30% used planners for scheduling and staying organized.

Millennials Turn To Books To Relax. Nearly half of Millennials surveyed say reading a book makes them feel the most relaxed compared to activities like exercising (37%), cooking (37%) and meditating (21%) and watching a streaming service (56%).


Print Can Help Break Through Clutter. Almost seven in 10 (69%) Americans feel overwhelmed about the constant barrage of digital information. Eight in 10 (82%) Americans say that they just scroll past digital ads when they are online.

Quality Print Captures Attention. Three-quarters (76%) of Americans surveyed agree that quality and graphics of printed materials are the most important in capturing their attention. Additionally, more than half (54%) say they are more likely to notice a printed ad versus an online ad.

Says Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon USA: “We are pleased to find that, despite living in what seems like a digital world, Millennials still count on print for information and inspiration. With our new Print for Action initiative, our goal is to highlight the power of print’s versatility by coupling Canon’s deep heritage in innovative imaging with proven statistics to educate and to help empower future business leaders.”