Warhol, The Big Bang Theory and Godfather Top Designers’ List of Favorites

Late last year, we conducted a Readers Choice survey — asking thousands of very tolerant readers to identify a few of your favorite things — artists, movies, books, apps, colors, typefaces, and the like. Obviously, all of these responses depend on context as well as project and client. But many of you were kind enough to attempt an answer in the spirit of the moment. My initial thought was that the survey results might provide insights and story ideas for 2015 but, as I wrote recently in the Jan/Feb GDUSA magazine, it is wondrous and scary how little you all agree with each other. About anything. Nevertheless, some of the data are suggestive, amusing, even intriguing. I present some of the results here and will do more later.

Favorite Fine Artist

1. Andy Warhol

2. Vincent van Gogh

3. Leonardo Da Vinci

4. Pablo Picasso

5. René Magritte

6. Piet Mondrian

7. Andrew Wyeth

8. Paul Cézanne

9. Henri Matisse

10. Roy Lichtenstein


Favorite TV Show

1. The Big Bang Theory

2. Mad Men

3. Modern Family

4. Walking Dead

5. Homeland

6. Seinfeld

7. The Wire

8. House of Cards

9. Dr. Who

10. Chicago Fire



Favorite Movie

1. The Godfather Series

2. Star Wars Series

3. Singing in the Rain

4. Shawshank Redemption

5. Casablanca

See how our 2015 People To Watch and Students to Watch answered these questions. What are your favorites?