Why Heavyweight Paper Stocks Are Ideal For Marketing Collateral

Accent® Opaque Helps Brands Communicate With Substance


When it comes to creating exceptional marketing collateral to help differentiate your brand and give potential customers something to talk about, the paper stock you choose can carry a lot of weight.

Choosing the right paper for your print marketing communications usually centers on the choice between coated, uncoated, or digitally treated substrates, but the decision of lightweight vs. heavyweight paper can mean the difference between marketing collateral that pops or flops.

While heavyweight papers do offer some exciting benefits and opportunities compared with lighter weight stocks, the trick is understanding the kind of print marketing pieces that a heavyweight paper can help take to the next level.

Here, let’s look at the kinds of print marketing pieces that are ideal for heavyweight papers, and how Accent® Opaque’s new line of premium heavyweight paper, The Heavyweights, can help brands create print marketing collateral that connects with customers in a deeper, more tactile way.




• Event Posters or Large-Scale Prints

Creating promotional posters for events like a grand opening for a new business, a stage play or concert, or a wide range of other live events can present a number of challenges, particularly when it comes to the printability and durability of the paper. What’s more, opacity and brightness are also key when printing large format, full-color posters or prints to reduce the likelihood of show-through and provide excellent color contrast.

This is where a heavyweight paper stock can really show its true colors, and the right heavyweight paper can help brands print event posters and prints that offer the heft and durability for more reliable performance without sacrificing crisp, vivid colors and images.

For instance, The Heavyweights by Accent Opaque, provides a smooth, even printing surface to help streamline the print process and provide a high-quality canvas to let your creativity shine.


• Wall Calendars or Folders

Print marketing collateral doesn’t have to just look nice — it can also be functional in helping your target audience stay organized. For example, creating branded wall calendars can help customers remember important dates or periods throughout the year, and these kinds of pieces can offer residual benefits in terms of positive word-of-mouth.

In a similar vein, a two-pocket folder can help house a variety of marketing pieces like brochures, one-sheets, and business cards to help customers keep track of important information about your products and services.

In both instances, choosing a heavyweight paper stock can help you infuse this kind of marketing collateral with unique inks and specialty finishes to elevate these pieces and keep your brand at top-of-mind. Heavyweight paper stocks are more compatible with finishings like die-cutting, embossing or debossing, and foiling.


• Direct Mail Campaigns

Part of the appeal of using heavyweight paper stocks in direct mail campaigns is that these papers afford you the ability to offer extremely targeted audiences a more high-value piece that increases the likelihood of response — this is a core component of account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns, which can be extremely effective in re-engaging contacts who have previously expressed interest in your brand.

A heavyweight paper stock can help you print premium pieces like invitations to special, one-off events; customer loyalty cards; customer milestone recognitions; and holiday mailers that integrate special offers.

Plus, heavyweight stocks are more compatible with unique or innovative folds to help you create pop-up or dimensional mailers that provide a more engaging, immersive experience. Also known as 3D mail, pop-up mailers create an element of surprise and delight, making them a powerful tool for lead nurturing campaigns or for positioning high-value offers to a very specific audience.



In each of these print marketing applications, The Heavyweights by Accent Opaque can help brands communicate with substance. The Heavyweights is a premium, uncoated sheet that is available in four basis weights and two finishes for superior versatility, and a high brightness with preferred blue-white shade offers excellent color contrast for a wide range of print applications.

What’s more, The Heavyweights provides a smooth, level printing surface to ensure a streamlined print process that results in vivid color and outstanding print quality.


Meet The Heavyweights and experience how a high-quality, heavyweight paper can help you unlock next-level print marketing collateral.