Workamajig Introduces Generative AI + Human Design Scholarship Contest 

Showcase Your Creative Vision In Conjunction With Generative AI

Workamajig, an end-to-end creative industry project management, CRM, accounting, task management, and resource management software leader, has introduced a major new Generative AI + Human Design Scholarship Contest. The contest invites participants to showcase their creative vision and design skills in conjunction with Generative AI design technology. Building upon the success of its existing scholarship program, Workamajig is now extending its support to include graphic design certification programs, courses, and vocational schools, in addition to traditional four-year institutions. The value of the annual scholarship is also increasing to $5,000 from $1,000. The call for submissions is open until September 30th, and the winner will be announced on October 16th.



In the past, the Workamajig scholarship program focused primarily on high school or college students pursuing degrees in business, marketing, or other creative fields at accredited four-year institutions. However, with the advent of Generative AI design technologies, learning, and creativity are experiencing a major transformative shift. Workamajig acknowledges this evolution by expanding the contest and scholarship to include a broader range of learning programs.



“Workamajig has been a leading provider of purpose-built end-to-end project management technology for the creative industry for over two decades, and our core values and passion will always focus on ways to improve the creative industry,” says Co-Founder Ron Ause. “Today, we embark on the next chapter of supporting the future of creative design in a new era where Generative AI technologies redefine the notions of creative excellence and efficiency. This presents an exciting opportunity for students and professionals eager to demonstrate the seamless integration of human creativity and generative design. We also recognize that the best designers no longer necessarily require a four-year degree to be well-compensated for their exceptional skills.”

In a recently published paper – Degree-Free Marketing Jobs – authored by Workamajig and referencing research by Harvard Business Review and Education Data, it is revealed that fewer high school graduates are pursuing higher education, with college enrollments dropping by 14.7% in 2022 compared to 2020. This, coupled with the impact of the Great Resignation and ongoing economic pressures, has prompted companies to broaden their talent search for positions such as graphic design, animation, and writing, to candidates without a traditional four-year degree. Consequently, individuals previously considered non-traditional job candidates are now more likely to receive greater consideration and higher salaries.



Workamajig’s report delves into the most sought-after and highest-paying marketing jobs in 2023 that are least likely to require a college degree. Additionally, it identifies the best cities in the U.S. to find these opportunities. The report elucidates why students and professionals in these fields can succeed without a college or university degree. To access the complete report, please visit

By launching the $5,000 Generative AI + Human Design Scholarship Contest and expanding its scholarship program, Workamajig demonstrates its commitment to empowering aspiring designers and professionals, regardless of their educational background. This initiative aligns with the evolving landscape of creative excellence and reaffirms Workamajig’s dedication to fostering talent and embracing the transformative power of Generative AI design technologies.