Holiday Gift-Giving Guidelines For The Office

By The Creative Group

Swapping gifts with coworkers this year? Forget the stationery and sugar cookies. How about a leg lamp, muumuu or old greasy work boot? Believe it or not, these are just some responses advertising and marketing executives gave when asked to describe the strangest items they have seen exchanged during office white elephant parties.

Whether or not you’re attending an office white elephant party, here are five gift-giving guidelines to consider:

1. Focus On The Thought, Not The Cost.
Pricier presents can make coworkers uncomfortable. Less extravagant, but carefully considered items that will be more meaningful are the way to go.

2. Understand The Culture.
Every creative firm or department is different. If you’re relatively new to the organization, ask a trusted colleague or your manager what the norm is when it comes to exchanging presents. And when in doubt, play it safe.

3. Make Something. 
If you’ve got hands-on crafting skills or you like to bake, put your talents to use. Homemade items are appropriate and likely to be appreciated.

4. Strike The Right Note.
Complementing a gift with a handwritten card is always a nice touch.

5. Set Your Sights On Next Year.
If  run out of time for a holiday gift, all is not lost. You can still give a calendar, planner, journal or some other New Year’s-themed present in early January.

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