Artisan Talent is a digital, creative, and marketing staffing agency. With more than three decades of “Matching Talent With Success™”, the firm advocates for the best talent, including graphic designers, web and mobile developers, UX designers, project managers, and more. Artisan was founded by Bejan Douraghy in 1988 as a creative haven for Chicago’s top talent. By 1993, Artisan had tripled in size and was cited in Inc. Artisan has continued to evolve ever since, becoming one of the most successful and influential digital, creative, and marketing boutique staffing and recruitment agencies not just in Chicago, New York, Denver, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Washington DC, but in many more cities throughout the country. The agency has a “boutique” approach to both talent and clients where we advocate for the best talent and we nurture relationships with the best clients, from small agencies to major corporations.