Eisenberg and Associates


Eisenberg And Associates believes that socially positive work happens within corporations as well as non-profit organizations. They see their role as effectively communicate corporate responsibility messaging to stakeholders. Eisenberg And Associates creates internal communications programs ranging from safety campaigns to employee wellness programs. Through external communications, the firm helps explain how complicated operations processes have positive environmental and economic impacts in the communities they serve. The firm states: “We choose to work only with and for companies who believe in being responsible.”


Eisenberg And Associates has worked with Denbury Resources, an oil and gas company with operations in Mississippi and Montana, for over 20 years in communicating its story. Denbury has a strong commitment to sustainability and responsibility to its stakeholders. Annually, we produce an online corporate responsibility report, “The Nature of Our Business,” that emphasizes its commitment to its four pillars: Our Company, Our Employees, Our Environment and Our Communities.

Shown here: Sharon Lee, Senior Art Director, Eisenberg And Associates