Gill Fishman Associates


Gill Fishman writes:

As a Design and Branding firm our clients are diverse and range from high tech and biotech, to academic, to not-for-profits; from large and established ones, to young and early start-ups through our unique BrandStart™ program. While identity and branding for corporate clients is a specialty, the non-profit world has always been a special concern. We all have — or should have — a strong sense of social responsibility — and as designers and communicators, we have a unique opportunity to effect change in perceptions and attitudes in a more impactful and positive way. Our clients try to make a true difference in people’s lives ‒ and we try to make a difference in their ability to do so. Whether it’s the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, the Girl Scouts of Eastern Mass, The Possible Project or the Technion, it’s the positive impact on young people’s lives to which we’re committed by donating our time, energy and support. We feel that in our role as a team of designers/communicators — Michael Persons, Tammy Torrey, Alicia Ozyjowski and myself — our challenge is to make that positive impact felt more effectively.


The Boys & Girls Clubs change young people’s lives. It’s as simple as that. Whether it’s a place for after school activities or help with homework, or a place to learn the critical skill of swimming, the Boys & Girls Clubs transform lives. Our Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston help young people build strong character and realize their potential as responsible citizens and leaders. Our work has created an integrated program for this compelling message — from Campaign Branding and Fundraising Brochures, to Website, Annual Reports and Digital Media ‒ and has brought the personality, vision and mission of Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston into the homes and hearts of tens of thousands of New England donors and supporters. Our Annual Reports focus on a new theme each year … but revolve around the ongoing theme of opening doors, creating opportunities and transforming lives. Each year we create a unique invitation for the wonderful annual House Party — perhaps Boston’s best event of the year — where each year a major donor invites 750 donors into their home for a warm, surprisingly intimate fundraising dinner featuring young Club members as our hosts and speakers. In some ways the design challenge has been an easier task given the wonderful young people we’re able to highlight in each piece.