Lisa Cain Design


Lisa Cain Design specializes in print and interactive media for a variety of healthcare, wellness, scientific and research organizations. Since opening its doors in 1996, Lisa Cain has been inspired and devoted to designing for good causes. She seeks to make an impact and help empower people’s lives through design. Social responsibility is a big focus and there’s a true a passion for non-profit organizations and the type of projects that come along with them. One special focus is an assortment of projects impacting the autism community ‒ a cause that is near and dear. This effort is supported by designing eye-opening projects to promote peer awareness and acceptance. Other projects have made a difference in helping secure a $3.5 million gift to support transition to adulthood programs for the aging autism population and enhance their quality of life.


Lisa Cain Design regularly partners with the Organization for Autism Research (OAR). Most recently, this has included creating the identity and collateral pieces for one of their upcoming programs called Hire Autism. This is a website that seeks to provide job-seekers with autism in Northern Virginia with meaningful employment opportunities commensurate with their skills. Hire Autism features a jobs board, a resource center for employers and job-seekers, location settings, and a blog. With these tools, Hire Autism aims to expand employment opportunities for individuals with autism and serve as a continuing resource for them in their workplaces.

The Kit for Kids is a peer education program intended to teach children in the general education classroom about their peer(s) with autism. Each kit comes with twenty “What’s up with Nick?” booklets, a lesson plan, a “how to” guide, and a classroom poster. To date, the Kit for Kids has taught over 63,000 children all over the world about autism.