I was always taught that the quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line. Then it pretty much stands that the serpentine line is for someone with either too much time on their hands or it’s more about the aesthetics of the journey than the destination. These thoughts come to mind with this set of marks that all use a composition of half circles alternately flipped and gathered together in a chain like fashion and connected at their tips. Any of these probably could have been served by utilizing a serpentine line but without nearly the effect or the visual weight created here. Steam, smoke, waves or any other good reason to use the symbolic wavy line seems to have been a candidate for this technique that sees a rise in logo design over the last year. Used in a supporting role like the steam rising from the bowl or to create a simple geometric pattern, this technique adds a rhythmic field to a mark using minimal visual exertion. The method becomes more challenging when the central focus of the mark as sprinting forward with too many links either vertically or horizontally limits scale. It’s perfect if you’re carving out a letter s but not too much more. It will be interesting to see where this evolves as it is one step away from describing the threedimensional space of a spiral with a line run through its core.


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