Just because it’s the way things are, the really important things in life tend to come in fours, like seasons, cardinal directions, the suits in a deck of cards, the fantastic four, the fab four, and CMYK. I may have missed a few here but this year designers didn’t. Foursomes were on their mind and in particular there was a true obsession with the tidy practice of quartering a square. We have to admit that a square is a fundamental go-to logo design element and wait for it … the shape has FOUR sides! Whether actually being used to neatly pack up four initials or partners, or offerings, it was not a mandate for this trend as it could just as easily have been a way to signal diversity or abundance in a tidy container. Branding is largely about building consistency and being able to demonstrate order in a logo can be fundamental to our craft. When applied to the appropriate client, all the better. Amongst others, it’s not surprising to see these marks representing architecture, museums, builders, and urban entities that are often called on to create spatial organization. Because dividing a square into quads creates four more squares, it assembles a cluster of elements each still large enough to scale well as part of a single logo. These can become really over worked in detail and a Spartan design aesthetic can be a plus, thus what appears to be basic geometry inside of basic geometry or letterforms.


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