There can be a very gray area between logo design and icon design at times. Or in this trend a white area is more apropos. Consumers have become comfortable with the avalanche of symbols, pictograms and emojis that populate even the most obscure interface. Not just the international language on your mobile device but there to guide tire inflation, iron settings, recycling, heart rate, ovulation and every other noun or function you can fathom. These icons reward designers with what is ultimately a universal visual utopia to draw upon. A virtual cornucopia of graphic building blocks and that is exactly how they are being stacked. Give me a mark for an exceptional resort. Well let’s see, waves, a home and the Sun for some really good rays and a swarthy tan. Stack them up and we’re done. Frankly, that is a nicely crafted mark and the idea of bringing visuals associated with a locale is nothing new. What probably is new-ish is our ability to visually knock down the film industry or photography to a ring in a square and a series of floating hash marks for a clapper board. Six wedges sliced off a circle and a square transport us to a tropical paradise. These marks are to the point and spatially pleasing with their blend of positive and negative space. Though they can appear somewhat generic that can also signal the ownership and authority of the symbolic genre their logo represents.


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