Trans Flip

Hypnotic, mesmerizing, and spellbinding all come to mind gazing into these faceted bauble logos. Something about the rhythmic symmetry and inner light lets you lose yourself in their depth. Imagine anyone of these before being flipped and embedded on itself, and you can see how that layered transparency is a force multiplier. For practical reasons, the more layers you have, the deeper the color becomes as they begin to overlap. Even when utilizing opaque layers or a modest gradient, the illusion of depth can be equally spellbinding. Certainly this is not the first of these that we’ve seen but this is the year they’ve really seemed to proliferate. Where layered transparency is a factor, too many subtle steps of hue can become a challenge to manage even in an RGB environment. From necessity this can also create enough sequential color cells that the integrity of a logo is lost as it scales down. With the popularity of gradient fields of color, this tonal stepping technique gives designers an option to create a non-gradient color trance that’s just as engaging. Even though the examples shown here display mirror symmetry this same technique is being utilized with equal success in some asymmetrical applications. The upside for a client adopting this direction is an engaging vision that represents the prospect of an orderly, transparent relationship.


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