Leave it to a designer to dispel Sir Isaac Newton’s law of motion that “an object at rest will stay at rest.” He’d frankly not anticipated designers adding motion stripes or a visual vortex to speed up or whirl an object from its place of rest in the consumer’s mind. Designers are a pretty clever band and if a project calls for the static demonstration of movement, there’s no shortage of solutions in their kit of tricks. Spinning, leaping, flying, exploding, dashing and all the other ingings have been trotted out time and again but this year logo designers have taken to swinging. Swingers as we’ve named them are those marks that want to demonstrate motion but are tethered to a principle or a core that signals stability. These marks may represent an entity that is pivoting from a previous position. Possibly this hinged effect reinforces the idea that stability and flexibility are not exclusive of each other. The marks using transparency to convey a series of frames in motion convey openness and clarity, and all of these logos define space through optical dimension. Whether these logos appear to be swinging, flapping or waving in the breeze, none of the entities they represent appear to be objects at rest.


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