Second Print Design Summit Is Set For February

Print Design Academy presents the 2nd Annual Print Design Summit, a virtual conference dedicated to empowering graphic designers with the skills they need to create award-winning print and packaging designs. This event will take place from February 15th to 19th and is open to graphic design professionals, design students, and any creative eager to master the world of print and packaging design. In its inaugural year, the Summit presented a range of speakers, with over 1200 registrants, over 3 days, from 78 different countries. Registration is free.


Dave Hopkins and Gabriella Denizot from Print Design Academy.

Key Speakers:

Joining us are industry experts including:

  • Britt Cobb, Independent Designer, Pentagram
  • Sarah Wood, Senior Designer at PepsiCo Design + Innovation
  • Raphael Farasat, CEO, Truffl
  • Diego and Connie, Creative Directors, YummyColours
  • Richard Hatter, Creative Director, Hired Guns
  • Nick Longo, Owner + Designer, Longo Designs
  • Dave Clayton, Designer, Author, Speaker
  • Shelby Sapusek, CMO + Consultant, ColorCasters
  • Patrick Toste, Creative Director + Co-Founder, Highopes
  • Danielle Kidney, Founder, The Creative Pack • Miguel Diaz-Rivera, Creative Director, Tactic AR •        …and many more.

Event Highlights:

  • Design Industry Experts: Gain insights and inspiration from leading professionals in the field.
  • Live Virtual Panels: Engage in dynamic discussions on the latest trends and innovations.
  • Virtual Print Shop Tours: Get an exclusive look into the world of print production.
  • Private Event Community: Connect with like-minded designers, speakers, and industry experts.
  • Target Audience: Graphic Design Professionals, Design Students, Creatives with a passion for print and packaging
  • Daily Live Q&A session:
  • Prizes: Over $5000 in design tools and tech will be given away as prizes.

Registration: The Summit is absolutely free! Register now at

Sponsors: We extend our immense gratitude to our sponsors for their support and collaboration: Adobe, Mondadnock Paper, Mohawk Paper, Scodix, Pantone, FoilCo, Pickfu, Fedrigoni Paper, Xerox, Pacdora and Nix Senors.

For further information, please contact: Dave Hopkins—

For event updates and details, visit the official Print Design Summit website: