New Airey Book Is Guide To The Identity Process

The Symbiosis Between Creativity and Strategy

Delve into the world of visual identities with Identity Designed: The Process (June 4, 2024 | Rockport Publishers), a new resource by renowned graphic designer David Airey.

In this comprehensive book, Airey guides readers through the four fundamental stages of the design process: research, strategy, design, and implementation. Written for a diverse audience, from design students to creative professionals in a range of roles, his insights and practical advice are intended to help you succeed in crafting and managing impactful visual identities.

Airey not only shares lessons learned from projects he’s worked on throughout his successful career, he also features case studies from top-level design studios such as Frost*collective, Pentagram, Bond, Bielke&Yang, Manual, Dutchscot, and more. These case studies showcase the application of effective identity design principles in everyday contexts.



Identity Designed: The Process seeks to provide essential knowledge and tools needed to develop enduring, distinctive identities. By emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between creativity and strategic thinking, Airey guides you through the process of designing identities that resonate, that convey a persuasive brand narrative, and that ultimately improve how businesses function.

The book publishes June 4, 2024. Airey, an entrepreneurial graphic designer from Northern Ireland, writes three of the most popular graphic design blogs on the Internet:,, and He is also author of Identity Designed, Logo Design Love, and Work for Money, Design for Love. 

Rockport Publishers was founded in 1984, specializing in design industry trends and graphic arts reference sources, and became part of the Quarto Group six years later.