Emotional Kindertransport Exhibition By C&G Partners

Multi-specialty design studio C&G Partners has created a highly emotional and thought-provoking exhibition commemorating the 80th anniversary of the start of Kindertransport, the humanitarian mission that sought to rescue 10,000 refugee children from Nazi-occupied Europe in the years leading up to the Holocaust. Kindertransport: Rescuing Children on the Brink of War runs through May 24, 2019 at the Center for Jewish History in New York.


The studio brought brand design principles to the project, creating a visual identity system for the exhibition that draws on the motifs of children’s ID tags and directional signs, with subtle color and typographic references to British mass transit. The arrows of the exhibition logo face westward, the direction of England from German territory.



The entire floor of the exhibition is a map of Europe, illustrating the routes taken by refugee children. Referencing transit maps from the 1930s, the  lines plot out major stops. Visitors begin their experience in Germany, Austria or Czechoslovakia, and continue through the exhibition to ultimately arrive in UK destinations of Harwich or Southampton.


Display cases throughout the gallery contain artifacts from the Kindertransport period and four vitrines contain audio interviews, conducted by C&G Partners, of surviving Kinder who tell the personal story of their journey.