Decker Taps Annual Report To Convey Energy Future

New Jersey Resources, a major provider of natural gas distribution, recognized that it is important to  communicate its strategy to produce clean energy. While some sectors of the business community have eliminated the annual report, New Jersey Resources — and its design agency Decker Design  — embrace it as a key component in addressing customers, shareholders, employees, and regulators. Over the years, the designers have created a variety of compelling photographic essays on topics such as current events, employee engagement and conservation to help the annual reports resonate.

This year’s report emphasizes the company’s investment in clean energy through an expansion of its solar footprint but also green hydrogen to decarbonize the energy they deliver. Decker Design simplified and focused the core message: this is to benefit future generations. The report demonstrates how NJR is well positioned to take a leadership role in New Jersey’s clean energy future.

Credits include Creative Directors Lynda Decker and Susanne Adrian; Illustrator Jason Mangelson; and Photographer John Madere.