The Diplomat Revives Mystique of A Bygone Era

The Diplomat, a venerable outpost on the South Florida coast, has been refreshed and relaunched with the help of the Korn Design team. Principal Denise Korn says that her primary goal was to bring back the mystique and ethos of a bygone era, and reintroduce it as a vibrant hub and destination. Her solution combines “owning the beach” with a new name, The Diplomat Beach Resort, and reinjecting the entire property with a sense of “something new under the sun.”




The project included positioning, print communication, in-room brand integration, and online marketing. Typography is a combination of hand-drawn elements mixed with new cuts of modern typefaces that are intentionally round, friendly, and reminiscent of Modern sensibility. The signature coral color is inspired by the MiMo architectural period of soft but saturated beach palettes. Illustrator Greg Kletsel, a SoFla native, worked with Korn to create a fun campus map that greets guests in their key packets and allows them to explore all of the property’s offerings.

All photographs: John Russo