Design Army Turns Speed Into Art!

Bold Pink Of Saucony Shoe Informs Visual Cues

In celebration of Saucony’s Endorphin Pro 3 shoe launch in Europe, the brand took over a gallery in Paris for a pop up experience during the men’s collections at Paris Fashion Week. Design Army led the creative for the House of Speed, leaning on the bold pink colorway of the shoe to inform visual cues, guerilla marketing, and experiential activations that would bring to life a high-energy space centered around movement.



Leaning on bold typography that incorporates movement and animation to convey the speed of the shoe, the entire House of Speed incorporated the same type found in the Endorphin Pro 3 campaign – from the invite to exclusive House of Speed merchandise. The bright pink exterior and glowing window displays stood out in Paris’ Marais District. Inside the house was opportunity for education, exploration, and content creation. All details and touchpoints focused on speed and feeling – from the art gallery entry and immersive treadmill experience room to the upstairs interactive living quarters with an Endorphin Bar, bright pink bathtub with Endorphin Pro 3-clad feet, and a bed whole mirror above reads “Go Faster” – perfect for a selfie moment.


Around Paris, Metro stations boasted a glimpse of the campaign for the Endorphin Pro 3 while a bright pink “newspaper” was handed out throughout the city as well as at the Saucony House of Speed.