Design ‘By The People’ In An Era Of Populism

Photos Courtesy of Moorhead & Moorhead/Mikiko Kikuyama

At a time of rising populism around the world, an exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum called By the People: Designing a Better America is particularly timely. By the People” is about just what it says, everyday citizens cooking up solutions to what ails their communities. 



It talks about how design efforts around the country are helping in making the country a better place. The show, which runs through February 26, challenges the country’s persistent social and economic inequality. Curator of Socially Responsible Design Cynthia E. Smith conducted over two years of field research  in search of design for more inclusive and sustainable communities. Exhibition design is by Hitesh Singhal  – an award-winning designer from India who is currently collaborating with Patrick Seymour at Tsang Seymour Design in New York City after having completed his MFA at MICA in Baltimore – in collaboration with architechtural and industrial design firm  Moorehead & Moorhead.