domo domo Tells Airstream RV Club To Enjoy The Ride

Emphasis on Camaraderie and Benefits

domo domo Marketing has completed activation of a brand refresh for Airstream Club International (ACI), the longest rolling, single-branded recreational vehicle (RV) club. With a rich legacy and a dedicated following, ACI sought to expand its appeal to current and future Airstream owners of all ages, including digital nomads, through the brand refresh, while preserving the core heritage established by Airstream founder Wally Byam.



Airstream Club International faced the task of attracting a broader audience, including both existing and future owners, to fully experience the camaraderie and benefits offered by the Club. While ACI boasts a strong community of seasoned travelers, the goal was to eliminate barriers, retain the brand’s unique quirks and make the experience accessible to all.  The domo domo team initiated the design journey by activating a contemporized visual identity, while maintaining the essential connection to Wally Byam’s legacy. The upbeat visual style tells the Club’s story, capturing the essence of the “streamer” experience. An integral part of the overall refresh included a new look for the quarterly ACI member publication, Blue Beret.



ACI’s Explorer program, launched in collaboration with Airstream Inc., offers a one-year free membership with the purchase of every new touring coach or travel trailer. To further promote the Club, domo domo developed a direct mail series highlighting the features and benefits of ACI membership, accompanied by a sizzle video series that invites viewers to “enjoy the ride!”



Jean Silverstein, Director of Design Innovation at domo domo Marketing explains: “Working with the Airstream Club International is a true collaboration, blending our design expertise with ACI’s rich history. The success of the updated brand communication speaks to the power of visual storytelling in building strong, inclusive communities.”