Wine Label Shows Big Heart

Hunt Hanson has unveiled a redesign for I Heart Wines. The reimagined visual identity and package design are intended to make the brand more distinctive and recognizable to, among other things, help fuel a planned global expansion. Explains Nick Hanson, Creative Director and Co-founder at Hunt Hanson: “The original design, which drew inspiration from Milton Glaser’s famous ‘I Love NY’ logo, was a lot of fun. However, as I Heart Wines grew, it deserved an identity that it could fully own. Our aim was to craft a unique logo lock-up that’s clear, consistent, and in tune with the brand’s lively spirit. We aimed to create something that would make the brand pop with attitude and authenticity, all while maintaining the sense of familiarity and trust that the brand had already established.”



A new heart icon, crafted to resemble the impression left by a wine glass, establishes a distinctive visual asset that integrates the I Heart Wines brand and its connection to wine. This, alongside a refreshed color palette and refined typography, is planned to increase shelf impact and bring the brand’s personality to life across all touchpoints.



Lucy Auld, Head of Marketing at Freixenet Copestick, states: “As we continue to expand globally, [the new identity by Hunt Hanson] will undoubtedly play an instrumental role in establishing I Heart Wines as a prominent player in the industry.”