Dove Combats Stereotypes Of Brazilian Women


According to a survey by Dove, 80% of Brazilian women reveal feeling uncomfortable and disrespected by stereotypes about their bodies. To combat this reality, the brand presents the campaign #RealBrazilianWomen, which questions the image of Brazilian women, constantly sexualized and reduced to their appearance, especially by foreign tourists. The campaign aims to broaden the debate, raise awareness, and spark reflection on the topic within and outside the country, especially in the summer, when the female body is most prominent. The campaign begins during Carnival, strategically chosen by the brand as the season when Brazil receives the most tourists, and takes to the streets to alert foreign revelers visiting the country about how certain behaviors and statements contribute to the construction and reinforcement of this stereotype.



Created by Soko, Dove’s creative agency in Brazil, the initiative makes questions and provocations related to the topic take space on billboards, airports and strategic points in the city of Rio de Janeiro in different languages, such as Spanish and English, facilitating understanding for tourists from around the world, as well as content on Dove’s social media.



“In Brazil, Carnival is a moment when the world is looking at women, so we decided to use the strength of our brand to propose a bold campaign that questions the behavior that oppresses the women’s bodies in our country. Once again, Dove reinforces its brand purpose, to repopulate imagination about beauty and continue contributing to the transformation of the social structures that shape our culture,” adds Marianna Ferraz, Marketing Manager of Dove.

Dove has been active for almost 20 years in developing campaigns that promote body confidence and self-esteem in girls and women. The new campaign adds a chapter to the brand’s legacy in Brazil’s summer, built through previous initiatives such as “A Seat in the Sun” in 2023, which created a new prototype of beach chair for people with bigger bodies with the aim of making the beach a more democratic place. With significant impact for its target audience and within the beauty care market, the campaign has been recognized in numerous national and international awards over the past year.