AIGA Announces Hispanic Heritage Talks 2021

AIGA’s Johnson: It’s Critical To Acknowledge And Invest In Diverse Designers


AIGA has announced a series of Hispanic Heritage Talks for 2021. The events will be hosted throughout Hispanic Heritage Month by AIGA Unidos, a multi-chapter collaboration creating a space to empower and celebrate the lives, work, stories, and needs of creatives with a Latinx and Hispanic cultural heritage. From September 15 through October 15, Latinx and Hispanic creatives from different backgrounds and disciplines will convene to share their stories, their work, and celebrate their culture. The talks are free and open to everyone, and will feature creatives from different backgrounds and disciplines via Instagram Live and Zoom webinars.



AIGA Unidos organizer and AIGA Atlanta chapter co-President, Dio Jensen says: “We are excited to share this year’s lineup for Hispanic Heritage Talks and to offer a platform for Hispanic and Latinx creatives to share their stories and practices with the world. Our group was created because we believe in representation. When young creatives see our amazing Hispanic and Latinx speakers, we hope that they will be inspired and affirmed in their careers and aspirations.” Jensen was honored by GDUSA last year as a leading Socially Responsible Designer. The full schedule includes speakers come from diverse creative disciplines, including type designers, illustrators, marketers, educators, and ideators. “It’s critical to actively acknowledge and invest in diverse designers who are the future of the design community, and are moving the profession forward,” comments AIGA Executive Director, Bennie F. Johnson. “We’re excited to have AIGA’s chapters working together to celebrate and highlight designers from within our community for Hispanic Heritage Month.”