Expedia Branding Suggests A Suite of Services

Expedia Inc., one of the world’s largest travel platforms which also owns a number of travel services, has changed its name to Expedia Group and introduced a new identity by Pentagram partner Paula Scher. The name and branding implies a move away from a big but narrowly focused flight and hotel booking core operation to a suite of related services and assets like HomeAway.


The identity centers on a distinctive lowercase “e”, which the designers drew as an aerodynamic letterform with a tapered eye and flat-cut terminal, then worked with type designer Jeremy Mickel to develop a full custom font, Expedia Group Display. The system extends the typography to Expedia’s many B2B sub-brands, and to an endorsement line that can appear alongside the consumer brands. The palette features a brilliant blue, as well as black, and a secondary sans serif type.