Alright Studios Rebrands Philanthropy Platform

A Celebration Rather Than A Transaction

Philanthropy platform Overflow‘s forthcoming rebrand with Brooklyn-based design and tech agency Alright Studio illustrates the important role that good design can play in amplifying the reach and impact of important causes – and with making complicated ideas seem more accessible. Overflow is betting that fresh design and an approachable voice will set them apart in the nonprofit space, and inspire a new generation of philanthropists who have been donating more in the past year than ever before.

Based on Overflow’s core tenet that “the world of the generous gets bigger, exponentially,” Alright defined a visual identity that could grow with the venture. The logomark has no singular  static shape and is built in 3D so that it can take different moods at different times. Alright also customized a new typeface for Overflow, via Family Type’s Universal Sans, that treads the line of legible modernity and technical construction.

Above all, Alright sought to make Overflow feel genuine. “If you look at most donation platforms or nonprofit websites, they feel very transactional,” says Vance Roush, Founder of Overflow. “We wanted to move away from that with our branding for Overflow. We wanted to create an experience that felt like a celebration rather than a transaction. Our mission at Overflow is to inspire the world to give, and to make doing so feel inviting, exciting, and elevated – like attending a charity gala – and we wanted our brand to reflect that. The Alright Studio team took this idea, and worked with us to create a brand that was inspirational, yet approachable; conversational, while also being informative.”

Alright Studio was founded in 2017 and describes itself as “a deliberate and dynamic full-service creative agency with a design and technology focus.” (Its mission statement is refreshing and worth reading – The Editors).