BIC’s BodyMark Champions Self Expression

Design agency JDO has rebranded BodyMark, a range of cosmetic-grade temporary tattoo markers from BIC. The new design invites young creatives to express themselves without limits and positions the product as, says Group Creative Director Ben Oats, as “an incredibly special and unique creative tool that beauty fanatics, body artists, aspiring illustrators and everyone in-between can use to unleash their imaginations.” The JDO identity for BodyMark seeks to elevate the sub-brand from other products in BIC’s portfolio with a premium, cosmetic aesthetic while retaining the stationary brand’s overarching positioning as a provider of simple, reliable choices for everyone. The new wordmark is bold, in order to energize the brand and evoke confidence, while a vibrant teal helps the range pop on the shelf. Photography features a diverse range of ‘tattooed’ arms to celebrate the freedom of adorning your body with drawings and designs. The look purposely stays uncluttered, lending itself to limited-time campaigns for Pride, Halloween and more.