Zero Hits CBD High Note

‘Mass-pirational’ approach includes original soundtrack

The rise of CBD has become a major new development in the health and wellness industry. But this success has also made it hard for brands to stand out and make its message heard. Facing this challenge, Qualis Standard, one of Nevada’s fastest growing hemp-based CBD manufacturers, turned to branding agency Zero, to help launch of its latest brand, Enjjoy.

Qualis asked the agency to give their new products a voice and to develop a multi-tiered “mass-pirational” approach. Zero delivered with, not only designs – including branding, packaging, content creation, and website design – but a full go-to-market strategy.  “From the start, it was clear that Qualis Standard trusted the process and our collaboration together,” says Zero Creative Director Chelsea Goldwell. “Which allowed us to try some really interesting ways of telling their story and injecting some fun into the category.”

One of those fun surprises included a complementary Enjjoy EP called “Now That’s What I Call CBD Volume 10”. Conceived by Zero and recorded by Justin Krol & Quinn Scharber, the five-track mini-album features infectious grooves and soaring vocals. Standouts include “Enjjoy Theme”, which takes listeners on a rainbow road of guitar riffs and lilting harmonies, while “No, It Won’t Get You High” goes full pop-starlet in explaining what CBD will and won’t do.

“We wanted to help people enter Enjjoy’s world of CBD – one that’s a happy party where everyone’s invited,” says Zero Creative Director Mark Goldwell. “So we decided to make a theme song to ease people into the brand. And then the concept just grew from there.“ Past Zero clients include earth-friendly bedding company Buffy, Windmill Air, and the 2020 Democratic National Convention.