BrandOpus Unifies Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer has long held a special place in America’s heart (and stomach). From its infamous bologna and wiener jingles to its 27-foot long Wienermobile, the company has a rich history of business and marketing success. But a growing cross-category portfolio and continued innovation led to a disjointed look and feel across the brand. For its first overhaul in 138 years, Oscar Mayer tapped BrandOpus to unite all of its products – from bacon and hot dogs to deli meat –  under one solid narrative.

For the new look, BrandOpus chose to celebrate the brand’s iconic rhomboid logo with a bold and straightforward design that exemplifies an uncomplicated approach to meats. The team also elevated the Wienermobile to be a core brand asset through a playful illustration style that extends into the brand world. Oscar Mayer yellow is featured prominently and drives recognition across all brand touch-points. Alongside a bespoke light-hearted typeface and expressive photography style, the brand renovation aims to spark smiles and resonate with Oscar Mayer lovers.

These branding updates can be seen in the brand’s new creative platform from global advertising agency Johannes Leonardo called “Keep It Oscar,” which reimagines meat in playful ways. “From a disruptive creative campaign, which reflects a wonderfully odd tone and breaks the mold of conventional CPG advertising, to new packaging design, which unites all of our high quality meats under one uncomplicated look, at every turn we’ll be sparking smiles and reminding consumers not to take life to seriously,” said Sergio Nahuz, Meal Foundations and Coffee, Oscar Mayer.