Brianna Wettlaufer Is Head of Content at Adobe Stock

Creative industry veteran Brianna Wettlaufer has been named Head of Content for Adobe Stock. Previously, she was Co-Founder and CEO of Stocksy United, where she grew a founding group of four people to a team of 50 over a period of 6 years and took annual revenue from $500k to $12m. Prior to that, she held leadership roles at iStock and CLSWest, bringing more than 15 years of experience in technology with both tech startups and creative-focused companies.  In an interview published on the Adobe Blog, Wettlaufer explained her leadership principles:  “It’s critical that the people creating the product are actually using and experiencing it from both the artist and client perspectives. Regardless of what department you’re in, what seniority or skills you bring to the table, all voices bring a valuable perspective. Happy teams often come from ownership and empowerment. When we can explain complex ideas with simple solutions that have buy-in from everyone, and put artists, community, and integrity in balance with the business, we can all feel proud and sleep soundly at night.” As for her vision for Adobe Stock, she says: “Stock isn’t taboo and it’s visible in almost every aspect of our daily lives. We know it’s there. We all use it. So we’re in an interesting growth period where stock is shedding its stereotypes and becoming a vital part of today’s visual culture. My hope for Adobe Stock is that we keep breaking down those misconceptions, and that we create a place where all people, across levels of experience, tastes, and styles, can get excited and feel included.”