C&G Partners Makes Cool Science Connection

RockEDU Science Outreach was established by The Rockefeller University in 1992 to connect scientifically-minded high-school students to mentored research opportunities, and has evolved to offer year-round science opportunities to students. Now RockEDU is expanding its outreach outside of NYC and bringing K-12 students and their teachers around the globe together with some of the world’s greatest scientific minds with the launch of RockEDU Online.


The new online resource has been created by C&G Partners to help scientists create exciting experiences that are tailored to students. The creative team opted for a “cool but simple” structure and brand identity. Design had to be engaging, but not dumbed down, and suitable for multiple audiences with wide ranging levels of experiences and skills, including scientists, teachers, students and outreach professionals. The branding, identity color scheme and iconography were all derived from scientific notation, including a bright fluorescent gamma often present in lab experiments. “We played up the ‘geek factor’ of the scientific environment, but also made sure the site was engaging and easily usable to people of any age,” states C&G Partners’ Maya Kopytman. Additional creative credits include UX designer Kim Howell and visual designers Jenny Kim, Melinda Sekela and Amy Kim.