Chip Kidd Says New Pantone Colors Mean New Stories and New Ways To Tell Them

To celebrate its current high-profile launch of 112 New PANTONE Colors for graphic design, Pantone is collaborating with leading several designers to discuss their relationship with color and to showcase how they are creating Pantone-inspired works using the new colors. This includes renowned book cover designer Chip Kidd, Pentagram partner Eddie Opara, and cutting-edge art director Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh — each of whom is making a video to share with the creative community.

The latest video features Chip Kidd. He reminisces about childhood, exhibits some of his best known designs for first edition hard cover books, and shows how he uses PANTONE Solid Chips in their shareable tear-out format, which feature the 112 new colors on both coated and uncoated stock. As for what the expanded color options mean to Mr. Kidd, he says, in part, “Do I want new colors? Well, who would ever not want new colors? New colors, to me, means new stories to tell and new ways to tell them.”



Mr. Kidd’s contribution joins a video of Jessica Walsh who, earlier this spring, gave a shout out to ColorBridge, Pantone’s side-by-side solid and 4C process comparison guide and told viewers that “one of the goals in my own work is to evoke emotion from someone … and color is are really great tool in doing that.”