Boss To Boss: Why You Need To Send Your Team To HOW Design Live

Guest Blogpost by Gary Lynch, VP/Group Show Director, HOW Design Live

Here’s a powerful statement: companies who choose to send their creative teams to HOW Design Live have higher performing teams, greater client retention and stronger working relationships within their organizations.

I hear comments like that from people who have personally attended HOW Design Live or have sent their teams to the conference. One creative director from a mid-size organization told me, “This conference is worth every penny in your staff development budget. It’s also a great time for your in-house team to develop together and grow stronger bonds.”


Others have told me they allocate their entire annual training budget to sending their teams to HOW Design Live because the depth and breadth of knowledge, the skill building and team building is so extensive. They see immediate returns on that investment in greater productivity, more inspired work and happier clients.

But why are people saying this?

HOW Design Live has excited, inspired and educated creative professionals throughout the world for over 25 years with a mix of inspirational and practical sessions.


We cover a broad range of topics from in-house creative management to creative entrepreneurship to package design, interactive design, print design, branding and creative leadership. We invite speakers who can teach you creative process and design skills as well as speakers who will introduce you to new ways of thinking about creativity.

Above all the team at HOW Design Live is committed to ensuring that every person who comes to the conference has a memorable experience with the potential to change the course of their career or, in some cases, their lives.

The best way to sum up what HOW Design Live means to the design community is in the words of people who have attended the event for many years:

“I‘ve been a professional graphic designer and fine artist since 1998 and I have been drawing in some capacity or another most of my life. I discovered HOW Live when I was a lone in-house designer and feeling burnt out. It completely changed my life for the better. I have made lifelong friends and those friends have encouraged me to stretch my creativity to new levels!” – Nicholas Nawroth


“I’ve spent more than 25 years designing in all forms, and working for all types of clients. The magic that is the HOW Design Conference is that it’s always much more than the sum of its parts. If you’ve never been, don’t wait any longer to treat yourself to this level of inspiration, connections and know-how” – Cami Travis-Groves

There you have it. There is a magic to HOW Design Live that keeps people coming back year after year and that magic manifests itself in career growth and new business opportunities. That is the reason so many designers make HOW Design Live the centerpiece of their professional development.