COLLINS and CNET Channel Golden Age Of News

In the constant frenzy to publish what’s new and exciting, many outlets have forgotten the purpose of journalism – to share useful information. CNET is different: it has stayed committed to sifting through the noise in the digital world, elevating what’s important and making it applicable. And in an increasingly noisy space, CNET realized its unique type of service journalism extended beyond tech, and it is now expanding its coverage to many of the things that matter most in modern life, including money, home, wellness, culture, cars and climate.

The company tapped COLLINS to craft a new brand strategy, story and identity to transform it from a tech-review site to an editorial-first brand people can trust for its useful information. the design team combined visual elements of the non-partisan “golden age” of the press and the broadcast giants – from the 1950s-1970s – with a bold surrealism intended to spark audience’s imaginations about what they can achieve with CNET’s coverage. The comprehensive identity includes custom illustration styles, engaging motion graphics and new site navigation that highlights the breadth and depth of CNET’s expertise across many categories. The logo heralds a new and open editorial experience that allows its content and stories – in any media channel – to have a sense of importance without crowding each other out. The strategy also encompasses a brand voice that seeks to make talking about the news enjoyable.