UNICEF New Visual Identity

UNICEF Brand Team Creates Visual Identity For 75th Anniversary

Matias Delfino believes in the power of design to improve the quality of life for all people. A UN employee since 2000, and now as Lead Brand Designer at the UNICEF Branding team in New York, Delfino led the recent global rebranding of UNICEF, designing the new Brand Book and assets as part of the UNICEF’s global brand strategy.

The UNICEF brand style characteristics  – simple, bold, optimistic, and contemporary – guided the design development of the 75th Anniversary logo lockup. The colors and graphic elements of the 75th Anniversary visual identifier allow for modular messaging around programming and advocacy priorities. The logo lockup has been prepared in 75 languages to serve more than 191 countries and territories. The logo aims to work across languages and cultures to elevate the UNICEF brand, and is optimized for digital touchpoints.

The UNICEF 75 Timeline captures the founding year, its legacy and its orientation towards the future, as symbolized by the ellipsis on the top right. The UN Postal Administration also issue a new pane of UNICEF stamps for the occasion designed by Jihye Kang, with art direction by Delfino and creative direction by Mary Lynn Lalonde, UNICEF chief of brand, provided creative direction.


Creative Credits

  • Jihye Kang / Brand designer
  • Adipa Klomchitcharoen / Intern Brand designer
  • Katelyn Paik  / Intern Brand designer
  • So Young Park / Brand designer
  • ML Lalonde / Creative Direction