Design Bridge Updates Classic NYC Hot Dog Shop

Global design agency Design Bridge New York has unveiled its newly designed brand identity for the beloved hot dog spot and iconic Manhattan institution, Crif Dogs. Founded in 2001, the previous brand identity relied too much on easy, immature humor and the physical space needed to be reimagined. Jeff Bell recently purchased the business after working for PDT and Crif Dogs for over a decade and asked Design Bridge to update the brand to reflect the true identity of the business – an iconic NYC hot dog shop.



From the logo to the full interior, Crif Dogs was given a new 360 brand identity that would help retain and grow its audience and fanbase. The new visual identity makes use of evocative street photography that captures people and places that are unmistakably NYC, overlaid with playfully irreverent doodles in mustard yellow and ketchup red. The DIY street artist vibe was conceived as a wider metaphor for the way the city works; never finished, always in a state of play.



“By expressing the brand’s spirit in a grown-up style, we’ve successfully revived a New York institution and helped Crif Dogs reclaim its iconic status,” said Mike Perry, Creative Director, Design Bridge New York.