Design Diversity Partnership Launched

The Organization of Black Designers (OBD) has formed and launched the Design Diversity Partnership® (DDP). The DDP is a collaborative of design education institutions, manufacturers, service industries, design organizations, professional design firms and advertising agencies.

The purpose of the DDP is to be a central clearing house/coordinator to facilitate the development of greater diversity in the design professions, design educational institutions, commercial, manufacturing, and service industry stakeholders that employ design as a critical asset in the delivery of their products and services to their consumer markets. To be specific: to increase the numbers of under-represented populations throughout the entire design dependent ecosystem. This will be done through workshops, seminars, symposia and consultancy.

Focus will be on diversity education, employment and design management. Emphasis will be placed on advancing public awareness of design in under-represented populations and the career opportunities possible in the full spectrum of design professions. Including:

● UI/UX ● Graphic ● Interior/Architectural ● Product/Industrial ● Animation/CGI ● Web/New Media ● Fashion/Apparel/Accessory ● Advertising Design

The OBD has committed $50,000 to design scholarships. Its goal is to raise $5 million to fund its scholarship endowment. It invites other design stakeholders to join its efforts to support design students of under-represented populations, specifically, students of color. OBD also invites all members of the design community to support its efforts to increase diversity in the design professions and to make contact with any specific inquiries.