JDO Gets L’ACTIF Brand Moving

Bridging The Gap Between Streetware and Activewear

International design agency JDO has created a modern identity for L’ACTIF, establishing the brand as a high-performing, fashion-forward player in the growing athleisure industry. L’ACTIF is on a mission to bridge the gap between streetwear and luxury activewear by utilizing cutting-edge fabric technologies to elevate style, performance and comfort.

JDO was tasked with bringing this mission to life with positioning that highlighted L’ACTIF’s progressive spirit as well as an identity that appealed to sophisticates who seek quality first. The logo is a pared-down interpretation of a pill capsule, subtly conveying the idea that movement is healthy.

Typography echoes the curvature of this shape, reflecting the flow of movement, while a generous amount of breathing space allows elements to interact and play within the brandmark. A bespoke monogram has been crafted from the L and A of the logo, fortifying the high fashion credentials, while an updated color palette injects the brand world with depth and vitality.

An overall minimalist aesthetic captures the brand’s passion for science and technology while elevating L’ACTIF into the fashion-forward space with chic simplicity and active style. “From the website to packaging to garment tags, the identity drives the idea that movement is an integral part of daily life,” comments JDO Creative Director Bronwen Westrip. “Introducing such an innovative product into a traditionally static space gave us a chance to play with the codes of fashion, technology and exercise.”