Langton Creative Communicates Bold Message of Hope

The International Rescue Committee was looking for a fresh way to convey its values and communicate a message of hope. Langton Creative responded with bold, out of the box concepts. The creative firm  created a visual theme around “Human Beings” which presents refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers not as just labels, but as relatable people. And for a major fundraiser, The Rescue Dinner gala, the design firm used this theme to transform the ballroom at the New York Hilton with large portraits of those needing rescue as well as placing small mirrors on each of the tables so that all the guests could see themselves as in this together. The gala reportedly raised over $16 million. Also included in the project was a video designed by Langton Creative and produced with Alan Morris shown at the dinner, environmental graphics and signage, a print program featuring honoree Diane von Furstenberg, and various other decorative and promotional materials.