Meta and Mia Kick Off Black History Month

Mia Saine Creates Cover Art for Cultural Guide

Meta kicked off Black History Month 2022 with a wide range of programming and initiatives including a collaboration for a 2022 Black Community Cultural Guide which outlines  its celebration of Black excellence, resources for empowerment, commitment to supporting the Black community, and more. For the guide, Meta partnered with non-binary Black illustrator and designer, Mia Saine who developed the cover art. The piece features a vibrant collage illustration by Saine entitled “Invest in Happiness.”
Upon graduating Memphis College of Art in 2017, Saine has spent their art career specializing in commercial illustration, branding, advertising design, and environmental design. Mia’s minimal digital illustrations strive to normalize and amplify minority voices and experiences. Their work fights stereotypes, injustices, and tropes by showcasing minorities who embrace self-empowerment and happiness. They hold true to their collaborative spirit in hopes of spreading awareness and to create a better tomorrow. 

As quoted in the Guide, Saine says: “‘Invest in Happiness’ is a vibrant, pleasant illustration collage that celebrates the complexities of positive Black narratives and experiences. This portrait reflects the enrichment of Black culture by investing in Black liberation, professional practices, and personal pursuits. By being active in communities and integrating accessible resources, businesses can better expand boundaries of identity and community by social change and cultural healing.”