Sparking New Era For Tencent Games

DesignStudio has unveiled a full rebrand for Tencent Games, the largest video game company in the world and part of the Chinese tech conglomerate. For DesignStudio, with offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Sydney,  a successful rebrand would reflect Tencent Games’ status in the industry and create room for the company to grow globally alongside the evolving culture of gaming and tech. Strategy and visuals would need to communicate the brand’s heart locally and internationally across multiple languages, and be adaptable to the client’s wide range of game offerings.


“We approached the visual identity as if it were a game world that spilled over into reality,” says Creative Director Alex Johns. “We wanted to create a symbol that felt like a power-up living within the Tencent Games universe; a desirable goal floating in space, that you chase after, that you can collect.” Cue the new Tencent Games Spark. A sparkling glow radiates from a subtle T shape, automatically invoking Tencent Games’ core values — the spark of a new idea, the spark of connection, the spark of a moment of happiness. DesignStudio gave the digital spark different motion behaviors for different styles of game, while beyond the screen, the analog spark is instantly recognizable on billboards and in print.


A custom typeface, created in-house under DesignStudio’s direction, completes the brand experience.