Redmond Shares Branding Insights With Business Students

The Labovitz School of Business and Economics (LSBE) at the University of Minnesota Duluth was the site of Patrick Redmond’s  presentation “The Problem with Creative Problem-Solving in Brand Identity Development.”

PHOTO_OF_PATRICK_REDMOND_BY_GINNY_HANSON_05_2016 (1)Redmond was a visiting designer in the branding course, and a guest of the LSBE Marketing and Graphic Design Club and Assistant Professor Marat Bakpayev.  Redmond addressed issues related to problem formulation and some of his work involving AI (Artificial Intelligence). UMD offers a BBA in Marketing and Graphic Design, a collaborative professional degree between LSBE and the School of Fine Arts. Redmond now heads his own Patrick Redmond Design firm, and he has been an Art Director at Norwest Corporation, now known as Wells Fargo, and as a Senior Art Director at Carlson Marketing Group, at the time one of the world’s largest integrated marketing companies. He recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of his coinage of the term “Designer as Entrepreneur” at the 1977 International Design Conference in Aspen. The recording of the session – Shop Talk –  is now in the archival research collection of the Getty Research Institute. The panel was moderated by Richard Saul Wurman. Redmond’s web domain names include and