Giving Bristol Myers Squibb A Hand

To reflect the transformation of the company, Bristol Myers Squibb engaged brand consultancy Siegel+Gale to create, says Senior Strategist Grace Paik, “a brand centered on a big idea that embodies everything the company does today – from embracing their commitment to compassionate science to developing and delivering innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases.” The previous logo represented 18 legacy lines of business that were a result of the mega-merger between Bristol Myers and Squibb. The new logo, featuring a hand, is meant to represent the personal touch that employees, researchers and medical providers bring to their work. Accompanying this universal symbol of humanity, healing and care, a gray wordmark was drawn and customized for the client, with condensed letterforms that suggest rigor, precision and pride. Siegel+Gale chose to feature the color purple because, they say, it has personality and communicates a sense of warmth, brightness and passion. Of the design, Associate Creative Director Rafael Medina states: “The new visual identity presented us with an opportunity to tell a new, more human story – one that represents the company’s commitment to patients. All the visual elements – logo, typography and color – work together to signal this and to position Bristol Myers Squibb as a forward-looking organization.”