The GDUSA Podcast #12: Debbie Barnett of Barnett Design

Over the course of three decades, Debbie Barnett has built her Northern New Jersey-based firm into a hub that embraces the philosophy of great ideas that genuinely work.

“When we meet with a client, we really tune in. We brainstorm, we collaborate, and we develop something that is wonderfully tailored to the client’s goals—a finished product that conveys why your company, brand or product is different—and why your own clients and customers should choose you and not the competition,” she says.

Having honed her skills at Federal Paperboard, where she worked with brands such as Klondike, Nutella, Polly-O, and Dunlop, Debbie doesn’t turn off her designer’s instincts when she leaves the office. In fact, a trip to the grocery store is just as likely to be for product-packaging research as it is for stocking the pantry.

As an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother, a frequent university lecturer and even a black belt, Debbie looks at every new opportunity as an exciting puzzle to be solved.

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Podcast art by Maliya Naz